Press Release: Private Jet Card Comparisons Official Launch Announcement – Private Jet Card Comparisons – Know Before You Buy

NEW YORK, May 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — is “the Kelley Blue Book” for affluent families, business owners, CFOs, Family Offices and more searching for private jet solutions. The site compares more than 80 private jet programs across 65 points of difference and encourages consumers to “Know Before You Buy.”[1]

Research shows only 3 percent of buyers use a consultant, mainly relying on recommendations of a friend or having their PA search for companies online.

“Consumers buying jet cards and prepaid private charter programs are spending $50,000 to more than $500,000 making it a significant investment, especially when one considers a 25-hour jet card only covers about two roundtrip flights between New York and Los Angeles,” said Doug Gollan, Founder and Editor-in-Chief. “Private Jet Card Comparisons fills a huge gap in the market between winging it and hiring a consultant.”

Head-to-head comparisons include corporate structure and ownership, initiation and hourly fees, aircraft and pilot sourcing standards, hourly rates, daily minimums for hours charged, charges for taxi time, refund policy, ability to rollover unused hours, insurance and liability coverage, peak travel surcharges, peak periods, advance time for reservations and cancellations, both for regular and peak period travel, WiFi availability, catering inclusions, policies for bringing pets, sending unaccompanied minors, service recovery, and VIP perks such as free jewelry, luxury hotel stays and event access. The site has a Frequently Asked Questions[2] section, a Private Aviation Glossary and daily news feed covering private jet charters, jet cards and fractional ownership.

Gollan noted, “There are so many choices and so many differences. It’s easy to make costly mistakes. For example, some programs have a two-hour daily minimum. If you take a 40-minute flight you will be charged for two hours of flight time. The difference could be well over $10,000.” He added, “What it means, is your friends private jet card might not be right for you.”

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