Take-Off with New Magellan Jets Membership Programs

BOSTON–([1])–Magellan Jets welcomes guests to experience purely private travel with the launch of new pay-as-you-go membership programs[2].

Ideal for new private flyers transitioning from commercial travel, our new membership programs[3] provide the consistency and flexibility of guaranteed access to four aircraft categories, with minimal initial investment and lower annual renewal rates. Members enjoy 12-month locked-in hourly rates and can fly on as little as 12 hours’ notice, with no blackout dates or peak surcharges.

“We are simplifying our programs to focus on lowering barriers to entry. Now, more than 9 million American households and businesses that used to rely on airline service have unprecedented access to purely private business aviation solutions at an unbeatable value,” says Magellan Jets President and Co-Founder Anthony Tivnan. “Traditional views around private jets are outdated. We’re here to help America fly again.”

All members have guaranteed access to the highest quality aircraft available. There is also a Premium Membership option, with additional benefits to enhance the experience:

Premium Membership:

  • $14,500 initiation investment ($9,500 renewal)
  • Access to 2007 or newer model in 4 categories
  • 12-hour call-out time
  • Multi-aircraft available for daily use
  • 22 High volume days
  • Carbon offsets complimentary
  • Catering & Wi-Fi included


  • $8,500 initiation investment ($4,500 renewal)
  • Access to 2000 or newer model in 4 categories
  • 24-hour call-out time
  • Single aircraft available for daily use
  • 40 High volume days
  • Carbon offsets available for purchase
  • Catering & Wi-Fi available for purchase

“Our Membership fees are designed to guarantee access to more options at a pay-as-you-go hourly fixed cost, with as little as 12-hours notice,” says CEO and co-founder Joshua Hebert. “We have worked hard to provide the greatest value per hour by increasing transparency and eliminating the numerous fees, blackout periods, and ancillary costs. We’re here to elevate the industry and help get America back to work.”

Magellan Jets Membership[4] and Premium Membership join our flagship Jet Card Ownership[5] and On-Demand Charter programs to create a truly comprehensive portfolio of purely private solutions that are the best in safety and personalized service. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors, focusing on your needs while delivering excellence with every experience.

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