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Private Jet Card Comparisons Press Release | October 28, 2020

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In addition to safety, service standards, flexibility, company history, and reputation, flight price is a driving factor for users of jet cards, on-demand private charters, and fractional ownership flights.

Private Jet Card Comparisons enables you to compare over 250 programs from more than 50 providers. PJCC Photo

Private aviation consumers can now compare complicated jet card and membership pricing policies in seconds via Private Jet Card Comparisons’ Quick Compare Flight Pricing, the first and only private jet flight cost tool of its kind.

Jet cards make flying easy. However, figuring out how much your flight will cost is not as simple as looking at published hourly rates.

“There are more than a half dozen small-print policy factors that can impact how much your jet card flight will end up costing. These factors not only vary between providers, but between programs from the same provider,” said Doug Gollan, founder and editor of Private Jet Card Comparisons, a buyer’s guide that enables private aviation users to figure out the best solutions, vendors, and specific programs for their unique flying needs.

The impact on what you pay can be huge.

On light jets, daily and segment minimums, the minimum time you will be charged for the flight, varies from 0 to 150 minutes between the over 250 programs in the Private Jet Card Comparisons’ database.

For example, Company A has a 60-minute minimum on light jets and a $5,500 hourly rate. Company B advertises a $4,500 hourly rate, with a 120-minute minimum.

For a 120-minute flight, before considering other factors, Company A would charge $11,000 ($5,500 x 2 hours) versus $9,000 from Company B ($4,500 x 2 hours), a 22 per cent difference.

Yet, for a 60-minute flight, Company A would cost you $5,500 ($5,500 x 1 hour) compared to $9,000 from Company B ($4,500 x its 2-hour minimum). The same flight on the same category aircraft with Company B costs 82 per cent more than Company A.

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